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Success in the Herts Summer League

Success in the Herts Summer League

 Our team in the Herts Summer League have made tremendous progress.

Last season the club entered a team in the Herts Summer league with the primary objective of exposing our three young starlets, Sophia John, and sisters Lily and Natalie Main to a different style and atmosphere of squash. Instead of being exposed to well coached fellow juniors, this would, in the main, mean playing against gnarled experienced male players who wouldn't know the difference between a trickle boast and a leisure centre boast, but do know how to win. The girls weren't doing it unaided and were always accompanied by two more experienced players, usually led by Sean Davies.


Season 2017 had modest aims, simply not finishing bottom! They managed that by a very slender margin of 4 points, but gained lots of experience and even a few personal wins for them. It was clear during the season that they matured as players and learned how to cope better with unconventional squash.


Season 2018's aims were simply to improve their final position and that was done with aplomb, finishing a very creditable 4th of 9 teams. Not only has it been a learning process for them, it's also encouraged other teams in the County to adopt a similarly progressive stance to developing youngsters. The club has backed the youngsters by agreeing to their entry in the more serious winter leagues with the aim of continuing their development.

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