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Handicap Tournament

Handicap Tournament

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The 13th January saw 18 players compete in the Club's annual Handicap Toutrnament.  Following a close fought final, Sean Davies defeated Scot Adam to lift the trophy which was presented by the organiser Matt Carey.

Thanks go to Matt for his organisation of a very enjoyable afternoon.

The final results and players' handicaps are shown below.

1st Sean Davies                   -10

2nd Scot Adam                     -10

3rd Matt Driscoll                   -6

4th Matt Carey                     -5

5th Alex Axford                     -4

6th Scott Richardson             -2

7th Stephen Axford               -3

8th Laurence Darnell             -3

9th Patrick Brown                   0

10th Will Chambers-Ostler     -2

11th Sanjay Roy                   +3

12th Vasile Palimaru             +1

13th Paul White                    +1

14th Sheraz Mir                    +1

15th Jonny Lewis                  +2

16th Jayesh Patel                 +2

17th Harry Smith                   +2

18th Otis Foster                    +2


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