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Website review number 1

Periodically I am going to post a review of squash related sites I find on the web. I am not going to promise to do it weekly, or monthly for that matter, but this won't be the only one I do.

So first up I found Squash Blogger on the imaginatively titled

I have to say it's a tidy site, easy to navigate and plenty of resources there.

However, it does graphically highlight the fundamental problem with squash - there isn't as much out there as I, or other anoraks, want. Perhaps that's best illustrated by the fact that the 6th story down is getting on for a year old, yet amongst the links are ones to recent items such as Squash Skills (When that goes properly live I will do a review of that, but it promises much). The idea is great, the execution and delivery make my handiwork on this site look like my squash skills do against Nick Matthew - Blogger wins hands down!!!!

I like the links to the PSA 2011 calendar (easier to navigate than the official PSA Site, in my humble opinion), I also like a lot the ability to download the i-sports squash magazines. The only drawback I suspect, is the same as the ldsquash website, it's probably run by an over-worked, underpaid volunteer who does it for the love of the game and would love to have more time to post more articles.

Overall 7/10 and well worthy of a link from our links page, good effort.

Posted by : LD Squash at 19:53:PM on Wednesday 9 February 2011


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