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Congratulations to Ramon and Azam

LDS members Mohammed Azam and Ramon Sharma have successfully passed their Level 1 coaching qualification, adding to the number of coaches that LDS has in the team. After several weeks training and delivery lessons to the juniors on Saturday morning, the pair successfully completed their assessment in Great Yarmouth recently.

ramon.jpgRamon said, "I have been thinking about doing this for some time and am delighted to have passed. Coaching on Saturday mornings with the kids has been very rewarding and I am looking forward to doing much more."

azam.jpgAzam added, "I volunteered to help out with the juniors as it is clearly growing fast. I was excited with the opportunity to go on a coaching course which would help me delivered structured squash sessions which I could use to affect change. I will now help the coaching team to develop the youngsters so they can fulfil their potential

Steve Davies, head coach, said, "The club has prioritised coaching as something that it must invest in. We have now gone from 1 coach to 6 in a little over 18 months, it's remarkable growth, but even now we are stretched to meet all the requests that are being made of us. I am delighted to welcome Azam and Ramon into the coaching team."

Posted by : LD Squash at 10:27:AM on Friday 28 May 2010
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