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Another visit from an exceptional coach

On Saturday the 10th of July it was the turn of the youngest juniors at LDS to be privileged with a visit of one of Eastern Regions top coaches, Chris Vine. Chris did not disappoint and as is obvious from the picture he gave them a real work-out. Not only did the youngsters really enjoy it, but the visit was designed to assist the coaching team to enrich their skills in teaching the little ones.

Chris _vine _10_7_10Chris stayed for some time after the junior session was complete to bring the team up to date with the latest thinking in coaching and pass on a veritable feast of ideas for games and activities. Chris has earned a reputation for introducing Mini Squash leagues in Essex and if LDS are to produce a crop of talented squash players the sooner children learn the basics of hand/eye co-ordination and balanced movement the better they will be.

Azam, a recently qualified Level 1 coach, who incidentally was taught by Chris, said, "It was great to have Chris visit the club, he is a very talented guy. Everyone could see that the children enjoyed it, as did the coaches who participated in the session, and as a coach it was great to see new techniques and games introduced that we can pass on to the students."

Posted by : LD Squash at 18:09:PM on Monday 12 July 2010
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