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Regional Head Coach visits LDS

On Saturday 3rd July, Regional Head Coach, Paul Carter, paid a visit to the Lewsey Squash Centre to coach and assess some of our older youngsters. The visit is part of Paul's tour of the region to improve the quality of coaching and the quality of youngsters within the Eastern Region following recent reviews of strategy.

The youngsters were certainly energised by having such a luminary visit, to the extent that two of them organised a social game the next day, probably the first extra-curricular game Paul _carter _older _3_7_10that has been played between juniors in the last 3 or 4 years.paul_carter_younger_3_7_10.jpg

Paul enthused about the quality generally and has agreed to visit again in the autumn to do some video and analysis work with both the juniors and the coaches to make sure the coaches are identifying key areas of weakness.

Ramon, one of our Level 1 coaches, said, "It was great to see a coach of such quality at work. My son Kurran certainly learned a lot, even in such a comparatively short space of time."

On the 10th, it's the turn of the very young ones to have a regional visitor in the shape of Chris Vine, a specialist in Mini-Squash who has set up a ground breaking Mini Squash league in the County of Essex.

Posted by : LD Squash at 18:04:PM on Tuesday 6 July 2010
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