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Junior Sponsor announced

juniors_6_11_10_3_best.jpgAs indicated a few weeks ago, LDS are delighted to announce that it has secured sponsorship for it's junior section. Duncannon Executive are a recruitment company specialising in top end executives. They have a history of being involved in the recruitment of senior executives in some household sporting names.

Gary Buckley, a partner in the firm said, "The raw enthusiasm of the coaches involved with junior squash here made a sponsorship package very attractive to us. Our company is delighted to be involved with such a progressive club. At a time when government cutbacks are beginning to bite, it's great to see investment taking place in our youngsters future through sport. I have recently taken up squash and have fallen in love with it, albeit I suspect it won't be long until some of the youngsters here are beating me so easily I will be questioning why I ever bothered in the first place!!!"

Junior co-ordinator, John Stevens, said, "The youngsters were delighted to be kitted out in club t-shirts and to be honest it was very moving to see them all smiling as they put them on. There is a real sense of belonging now and we are grateful to Duncannon, and Gary in particular, for being able to support us and give some real tangible backing to our club and the sport"

Posted by : LD Squash at 19:39:PM on Wednesday 8 December 2010


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