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Team 2020 Project Kicks Off

Team 2020 Project Kicks Off

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Team 2020 project kicks off

With an influx of new enthusiastic players, some of whom are even young; the club has decided to launch a project with the aim of getting a group of players up to team standard by the start of the 2020/21 season.  For some time the club has struggled at the top end of the scale of players with really only 2 or 3 capable of competing at first string and even then really only in the lower reaches of the Herts league.  This project is designed to boost players up to be capable of competing at around strings 3 and 4 in this timescale and perhaps higher in the longer term.

Squash comprises four elements, tactical, technical, mental and physical and the easiest to tackle in the shortest time is physical, so with that in mind those wishing to join the programme were asked to complete a Beep Test and reach a certain level.  Those who failed could apply later and receive support to get fitter to pass at a later date.

Eight players in all passed and 5 of those joined coaches Paul Main and Sean Davies in what will become regular Sunday morning practice and fitness sessions.

Contact Paul Main if interested in getting involved.

Pic attached – “Check out the sweat patches!”

The picture shows left to right: Bonar, Tim, Tony, Karl, Sanjay and Sean

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